Hair Removal Safety for Women

There is so much stigma surrounding beauty for women. One of which is hair. Whether you prefer a little fuzz, completely bare, or leave it long, it has and will likely remain a topic in conversation. It is all personal and fully your choice. Here are the most common hair removal techniques for those of you that like to keep it bare, but also want to do it in the safest way possible:

1. Shave
Shaving can be done universally everywhere. You just have to keep things in mind depending on the area of the body you are considering to shave. The legs are easy, basic up and down strokes, in one direction, are effective as the skin is taut. The underarm area is naturally moist which makes it simpler, in theory, but the skin is more limber. You have to maneuver the razor in directions where the skin grows. When it comes to the bikini line areas, you need to pull the skin for a cleaner shave. A downside to this method is ingrown hairs.

2. Wax
Another popular method is waxing. Benefits of waxing are also universal. You can wax anywhere you wish, other than eye lashes and head hair. Be cautious though, as some areas will be more prone to pain. If you have a low pain tolerance, be prepared. Do your legs before your first bikini wax so you can get a taste of how severe it can be. Waxing helps with discoloration that shaving can cause on the bikini line, along with razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

3. Laser hair removal
Intense pulse light, also known as laser hair removal, works anywhere on the body that hair grows below the eyes. It is important to know your skin tone and hair color if you opt to do this on your own vs by a professional. It works by zoning in on the melanin in the hair contrast to the melanin in the skin. Due to lower levels of melanin in lighter color hair (colors besides black and brown), the laser hair removal treatments are not always effective. It is also sometimes not suitable to women with darker skin tones. Do research before proceeding and consult a professional. This is a long lasting, permanent solution to hair removal.

4. Threading
This is something commonly used for the eyebrows and upper lip. This method is typically the least likely to damage your skin. It is gentler than tweezing, but it is only feasible for small areas of the skin. It can be very painful if used on bigger portions of the body.

5. Hair-removal creams
Products such as Veet, can be permanent solutions and dissolve hair at the skin level. The hair remains in the follicle and is burned away evenly leaving less chance that ingrown hairs will develop (unlike shaving). The risk of using this type of product is chemical burns and some have been linked to cancer. If you have sensitive skin, this may not be for you. Again, do proper research.


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