The Most In-Demand and Secure Careers

One struggle that new graduates face shortly after college is finding a job. This is because their degrees don’t always line up with job demand in the workforce. For those graduates who want to make sure there is a job waiting for them by the time they graduate, this article will go over some of the top most in-demand careers.

These fields not only pay well, but also offer job security:

1. Application software developer
Perhaps it’s no surprise that with smartphones taking on more and more tasks, the demand for further applications is on the rise. As a result, the demand for software developers with a specialization on applications and mobile platforms is at an all-time high. These developers have an average median salary of $101,790. If you’re worried that these jobs might go away by the time you graduate, never fear. New graduates can expect this career path to grow by 31$ through 2024.

2. Medical services manager
If the medical field is something that interests you, then you might want to consider a services manager. Essentially, a services manager oversees the operations of a facility and helps coordinate their health services. You only need a Bachelor’s Degree for this position but many do choose to go on with their Master Degree. The average median salary of this position is $98,350 with a job growth percentage of 20% through 2024.

3. Registered nurse
Another job in the hospital and health field is a registered nurse. This career path is always in-demand for workers. That’s because many individuals just can’t seem to take the long hours expected of them. It comes with a pretty decent average median salary at $70,000. The job growth looks to be about 15% through 2024. This job essentially assists patients with their health as well as educating them about their health. With a bunch of baby boomers reaching retirement and someday filling retirement homes, the demands for a registered nurse are going to ever climb.

4. Health technologist
Also in the health sector is a lab specialist. These guys basically test fluids for diseases, drug use, and other conditions from patients. They have an average median salary of $51,770 and a job growth prospect of 14% through 2024. This position typically requires a Bachelor’s degree.

5. Construction worker
One of the most consistent trades that offers high-paying with little education requirements is construction. Whether you’re working in the business sector or road, you can expect to earn quite a bit of money. $34,350 is their average median salary with a growth outlook resting at 12% through 2024. With new business always on the rise and roads always needing attention, this is a job that typically offers a lot of security. Just be mindful that it does also come with a high-risk rating for an injury.


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