Bra Types for Every Woman

Since the invention of the bra, bras have gone through a lot of changes. There are many different bra types that are designed to fit women of all sizes and shapes. Bras now are available for different shapes, lifestyles, and tastes. Each woman should take the time to get the correct fitting bra. The bra that women wear is important to their confidence, comfort, and breast health.

1. Strapless bra
The strapless bra supports the breasts with an underwire. The bra itself has molded cups made with a silicone or rubber lining so it keeps its shape. A good strapless bra is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. This style bra is perfect for wearing under tops and dresses that have exposed shoulders. When buying a strapless, you should make sure that the band doesn’t slip, it supports your breasts, the underwire does not dig into your chest, and that you do not have any gaping in the cups or spillage over the cups. As long as you find the right strapless, any woman of any size or shape can wear strapless.

2. Sports bra
Another essential bra in every woman’s wardrobe is the sports bra. This bra was designed to support women’s breasts during physical activity. They have different support levels and compression from light, medium, to high impact. It all depends on the physical activity and how extreme the intensity. For those women who enjoy a good run, the high impact bra is best. If doing yoga or activities with little or not bouncing, then the light or medium impact sports bra would be best. The right bra for you depends on what activity you are going to do. The style bra will fit any size and shape, but women must make sure they have the right fit for comfort and not injure your breasts.

3. Convertible bra
The convertible bra comes in handy in many ways. A woman can go from wearing a straight to a criss cross bra just minutes. When changing outfits, you do not need to change bras just because you have decided on a different style top.The convertible bra comes in different bra types and styles and all you do is change the straps. The convertible comes in a demi cup, padded, and balconette style bra. It is a great style bra to have in any wardrobe.

4. Bralette
Women who would like a bra without any molded cups or wires would enjoy the bralette style bra. The straps are usually thin and some may even be lacy. The bralette is worn under a tank top or it can be worn alone or under revealing tops. The bralette has minimal support so it is best for smaller breasted women.

5. Push up bra
The push-up bra gives you a boost up with angled cups and padding. It pushes your breasts upwards and inwards. The bra enhances the woman’s cleavage and is usually worn under low-cut dresses or tops. It does not have to be worn under just low-cut clothing; it can be worn under anything when you want a lift up to look better. Anyone can wear a push-up bra.


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