Natural Lawn Care Techniques

When you have a beautiful garden that is vibrant green and lush, it instantly sets your home apart from other homes in the area. Your lawn does much more than just making your home look fabulous, it is also practical to have a lush garden as it helps to take carbon dioxide out of the air and create more oxygen instead. As beautiful and functional as gardens are, they do come with a pretty heavy price tag. It takes a lot of hard work and hard-earned money to keep your lawn well-fed and looking impeccable. 

What we often overlook is the fact that keeping your lawn looking this good can also come at a price to your health. There are hundreds of pesticides and herbicides meant for your lawn that can actually harm you and the environment. You can help keep the environment safe by converting to an all-natural garden that you can enjoy visually and enjoy knowing that you are doing your part to protect the earth. Taking care of your garden naturally is actually easier and less expensive than you may think it is, below are some tips to ensure you are successful in making the switch:

1. Choose the right grass for your lawn

When picking grass for your lawn, pick one that is the most suitable for where you are and the needs that are specific to you. First, find a grass that is meant to withstand the type of climate you live in whether it be hot, cold, wet, or dry. Consider whether your lawn is mostly shade or has the sun on it all day as that also affects the grass you get. Think through how much traffic your grass sees throughout the day and whether you have a lot of rocks under the surface, hills, paths, etc. to consider.

2. Make the soil better…naturally

If you have a lawn that has dry, acidic or thatchy soil you can make it naturally healthier by top dressing your lawn with compost that you either make yourself or get from a natural green lawn care store. You can apply it in the early spring and rake it down to the soil so it gets deep in there and allows your grass to take root in deep, healthy Soil.

3. Only use organic fertilizers

Most fertilizers on the market are full of supplements and chemical. Once you have gotten your lawn healthy, start applying organic fertilizers to your lawn. It provides nutrition for a long time, encourages the soil to stay healthy, and improves the tilth of your soil so plants can more easily take root and grow. 

4. Learn how and when to mow

Instead of waiting around for your grass to grow up to your knees, keep it neatly trimmed. This will stimulate your grass and encourage it to grow even better. Also, try to not cut off too much of the grass by putting the blade too low to the ground. This will make your root system weak and can cause your grass to become diseased or have a weak root system that does not allow it to grow well. 

5. Ween off chemicals 

If you have been using artificial lawn chemicals for a long time, your lawn will need time to transition to an all-natural form of maintenance. Start by weaning your lawn off of chemicals slowly and replacing the chemicals to organic or no fertilizer at all. It can take several years to do this properly and get your lawn just the way you want it, but the end result is more than worth it!


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