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How to Cover or Slow Hair Graying in Men

When it comes to aging, one of the most noticeable changes is hair color. A lot of people choose to embrace it as a natural part of aging. But for those who would like to feel forever young, looking the part is very important, and that means covering gray hair is a must.

Different methods of covering graying hair have been discovered for all hair types. Let’s take a look at some commonly used methods of covering gray hair:

1. Keep your hair short
There are hair dyes for men available with different kinds of colors and varieties. But for those who don’t want to have a high-maintenance solution for graying hair, it is recommended to keep a short hairstyle. One good example is George Clooney’s hairstyle which accentuates shades of salt and pepper.

2. Applying henna
Henna is not a popular hair dye for men, however it works just as effectively as it does on women’s hair. Henna is a good option for people who have allergies when exposed to strong chemicals from the store-bought dye formulas. This is also a perfect option for those who don’t want to damage their hair.

3. Highlights
If the hair is just partially gray, another option to consider is to use highlights instead of dyeing the whole herd of hair. Avoid using a color that is too dark or too light compared to your natural hair color, as it will not look natural. It is also recommended to get an opinion from a hair professional stylist for this method.

4. Use semi-permanent hair dye
Using a semi-permanent hair dye will be a high maintenance job because semi-permanent hair dyes fade easier than its permanent counterpart. However, semi-permanent hair dyes are better for people who don’t want to use permanent color hair dyes because of the harsh solution. In addition, replacing your hair color after a permanent hair dye is harder to accomplish.

5. Natural remedies
Just like any other problems, graying hair can be solved with natural remedies too. One of the most popular natural remedies of graying hair is to use natural powders such as amla powder and coffee powder. This paste will not only dye your hair naturally, but it will also help in giving moisture and nourishment which reduces gray hair.


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