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Popular Teeth Whitening Products

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. According to the American Dental Association, keeping your teeth white with hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the two things that work. Americans alone spend more than $1.4 billion each year on teeth whitening products. This is because Americans believe that white teeth are a sign of vitality and health.

These are the top whitening products that have been tried and tested for anyone looking to improve their confidence and appearance with a whiter smile:

1. Whitening strips
Whitening strips are a popular teeth whitening treatment that can be purchased in packs from your local drugstore. Crest whitestrips are likely the best known brand across America for creating whiter smiles. These provide professional-quality teeth whitening without having to go to the dentist. They also have a non-slip grip so that they won’t slip around in your mouth, and offer two one-hour express treatments for an added bonus to remove those tough stains.

2. Professional dental whitening
Most dental offices service patient teeth with special abrasives and bleaches to remove surface stains. Dental office whitening products are peroxide-based, which means they bleach teeth to alter the color. Special consideration may have to be made for patients with crowns, fillings, and root canal treatments.

3. Whitening toothpaste
Whitening toothpaste is also a great way to brighten a smile over time. It removes the discoloration from the teeth while also removing visible stains. It prevents tartar from building up in your mouth, preventing cavities. The toothpaste helps cut down on the whitening time with the 2-in-1 formula.

4. Charcoal toothpaste
Charcoal is huge in the beauty industry for a variety of reasons. However, it has been prominent in the dental hygiene market for a long time. It gently whitens the teeth over time through the charcoal toothpaste. It also detoxifies the mouth gently, creating healthier gums.

5. Activated charcoal powder
If you want more than a charcoal toothpaste, try the coconut charcoal whitening powder. It creates a whiter smile in one week. It also uses simple ingredients that create a healthier mouth in just a week. The charcoal naturally detoxifies the mouth. Many even come in three different flavors, but all of the charcoal powders skip out on the harsh chemicals. The containers typically have a three to six month supply, depending on how much you use.


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