Natural Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is a health issue where the eyes are unable to produce enough tears to keep them moist. People with dry eyes experience a wide range of symptoms including burning sensation, itchiness, irritation and feeling like sand particles are caught in the eye. The eyes may become painful and red and sometimes discharge semi-liquid. There are plenty of home remedies for dry eyes starting from simple warm compresses to complex herbs. 

Even a slight lifestyle change can have a significant impact on how your eyes will feel. This information looks at some natural ways you can reduce dry eye symptoms:

1. Humidifier

A simple humidifier can add moisture to your air thus helping alleviate irritation in the eyes and making the eyes moist at the same time. Use this method as long as the dry eyes persist or until the room reaches a certain humidity level. Humidifier is a great solution that works for any season, especially during the summer when dry eyes tend to become severe. Use a bedside humidifier at night and in places where there are furnaces to improve air quality and reduce dry air.

2. Warm compresses

Apply warm compress with a wet wash cloth and gently press the cloth on both the eyes. Wash eyelids with mild soap to release the oil and dirt collected in the tear glands. This will help produce more tears naturally. 

3. Diet

Food items such as carrots, hemp seed oil and watermelons are good for eyes. They help reduce dry eyes and clear clogged glands as well. There are many varieties of fruits that contain Vitamin C, one of the main ingredients for healthy eyes. Dieticians recommend eating enough fruits and vegetables to eliminate this condition as well as any underlying disease that may lead to dry eyes. Food containing Omega-3 fatty acids can help dry eyes and relieve the pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Omega-3’s can be naturally found in sardines, anchovies and salmon. There are other health benefits with these food items as well. 

4. Lifestyle changes

People who have dry eyes can benefit heavily with the use of sunglasses or other protective devices for eyes while outside. Hair dryers, fans and wind are some of the causes of dry air in the room. Increasing the humidity or reducing the use of these devices can make all the difference in a day or two. Some people may opt for artificial tears that are available over the counter. Use these products with caution as not using as directed may lead to other conditions such as allergic reaction to certain ingredients in the product, pink eyes and or blurred vision. Your treating physician may also suggest cutting down on sugar and salt as these two elements can dehydrate the body hence eyes at a much faster rate. People with diabetes should in all cases take extra precautions when they have dry eyes.


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