Symptoms and Treatments of Diabetes Mellitus in Cats

Although human beings can suffer from diabetes mellitus, cats and dogs can as well. There are symptoms you should look for, and there are several treatment options available. One of the primary treatments is to look to your cat’s diet first. Secondly, when the diabetes has escalated, you’ll want to turn to medicine for improving their health.

The top options for improving your cat’s quality of life when diagnosed with diabetes is:

  • Glucose weight management cat food
  • Insulin shots for pets
  • Encouraging exercise and weight loss

1. Look at what you’re feeding Fluffy
The primary reason that veterinarians take a close look at your chosen cat food, is because it could be too high in carbohydrates. Dry food is often viewed as the culprit for diabetes in cats. Cats that consume high amounts of dry food are subject to high blood sugar. Just like human beings must consume food that is high in nutrients and proteins, cats must do so as well. As cats age, they still need to eat a diet that is sufficient in protein, vitamins and minerals, and healthy fat to avoid high blood sugar.

2. How much is too much?
Additionally, it is wise to speak with your veterinarian regarding the amount of food that you are giving your cat per day. A kitten may need more food because they are young, and they can consume more carbohydrates when they are young. As a cat ages, they should consume less food, and they should eat more protein over carbohydrates. This will aid in giving your cat a healthier life in their late stages of life.

3. Insulin shots
While glucose weight management cat food is a great way to improve your cat’s quality of life with diabetes mellitus, it may also be time to consider insulin. A veterinarian will typically only recommend insulin shots for pets when it is really needed. Ask questions to ensure that insulin is right for your cat. Every cat and every breed is unique, so they will all respond differently.

4. Exercise
Outside of providing your cat with the best diet possible and the proper insulin shots, it is also beneficial to consider whether or not your cat is getting the right amount of exercise. How often does your cat play? If they are not introduced to cat toys at an early age, they may not get enough physical activity during the course of their days with you. Always bring the focus back to what is best for your cat. This includes their diet as well as their daily routine.


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