6 Cleaning Hacks Professionals Swear By

As the season of renewal arrives, it’s time to tackle that dreaded Spring cleaning. To start, stock up on essential cleaning supplies such as Clorox and Pinesol cleaners, Glad ForceFlex Plus max strength garbage bags, and the necessary mops, brooms, and dusters. But how can you make the cleaning process more enjoyable and efficient? Check out these 6 ingenious household cleaning tips from professionals that will make your life a breeze:

1. Clean blinds with old socks
Repurpose an old sock by sliding it onto your hand, spritzing it with water, and using it to clean your blinds. This method helps you clean both sides of the blind slats simultaneously as you slide your sock-covered hand along them.

2. Restore the shine on wooden surfaces with lemon oil and vinegar
A mixture of equal parts lemon oil and vinegar works wonders for cleaning wooden surfaces. Apply this solution using a microfiber cloth, and watch your wooden items gleam like new.

3. Utilize your dishwasher for more than just dishes
You’d be amazed at the variety of items that can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. Small decorative items and household accessories, such as candle holders and glass light fixtures, can be washed this way. Just remember to run a drying cycle to prevent spots.

4. Freshen up your trash bin with cotton balls
Who knew your garbage can could smell pleasant? Simply soak a cotton ball in your favorite essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus, and place it at the bottom of your trash can, ideally under the bag. Your garbage will now emit a more pleasant aroma.

5. Use a timer for efficient cleaning
Even if you can only spare 15 minutes a day for cleaning, make the most of it by setting a timer. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a short period, and you’ll have a better understanding of how long specific tasks take. Any progress is better than none!

6. Keep cabinet tops dust-free with newspapers
Struggling with dust collecting on top of your cabinets? Line the surface with a sheet of newspaper. The dust will accumulate on the paper, making it easy for you to swap it out a few times a year, saving you the hassle of climbing on your counters.

Professional cleaners typically use a range of conventional cleaning products known for their effectiveness and reliability. Here are some of the top categories and examples of such products:

Multi-Surface Cleaners: These are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Examples include Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner, Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Cleaner, and Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner.

Disinfectants: These are essential for killing germs and bacteria. Popular choices include Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and Sprays, Lysol Disinfectant Sprays, and Dettol products.

Glass Cleaners: For streak-free cleaning of windows and mirrors, products like Windex and Method Glass Cleaner are widely used.

Floor Cleaners: For different types of floors, specific cleaners are used, such as Bona for hardwood floors and Pine-Sol for general floor cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaners: These are formulated to tackle soap scum, mildew, and other bathroom-specific grime. Scrubbing Bubbles, Clorox Bathroom Cleaner, and Lysol Power Bathroom Cleaner are commonly used.

Carpet Cleaners: For deep cleaning carpets, products like Hoover CleanPlus Concentrated Solution and Resolve Carpet Cleaner are popular.

Degreasers: For kitchens and areas with tough grease, products like Krud Kutter and Zep Industrial Purple Cleaner are effective.

Stainless Steel Cleaners: To keep stainless steel appliances and surfaces free from smudges, products like Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish are used.

Furniture Polish: For wooden furniture, products like Pledge and Old English Furniture Polish are preferred.

Specialty Cleaners: This includes products for specific tasks like oven cleaners, mold and mildew removers, and toilet bowl cleaners. Brands like Easy-Off for ovens and CLR for mold and mineral deposits are common choices.


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